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Women’s Hernia Underwear with Left and Right pads included - Model # 672

Women’s Hernia Underwear with Left and Right pads included - Model # 672

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For treatment of active inguinal hernias and post operative treatment of inguinal hernias.

Helps to prevents pendulous abdomen problems

Helps to prevent visceral and renal ptosis.

Recommended after childbirth or after abdominal surgery.

Left and right pads included for the treatment of inguinal hernias

Quick snap open feature (when going to the washroom, unsnap bottom of brief so as to not have to remove the whole brief).

L-8300 & L-8310 APPROVE


Exclusive cotton fabric



suitable in direct skin contact



Thanks to exclusive manufacturing technology, these briefs offer effective abdominal support, perfect wear, a slender figure, and comfort.

Includes right and left hernia pads to insert in pockets built-in the brief.


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