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Visco Balance Heel Cushion

Visco Balance Heel Cushion

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Heel wedge to compensate different leg lengths

In the event of differences in leg length, ViscoBalance in the shoe compensates for differences of three, five, or 10 mm. The anatomically shaped heel cushion thus counteracts pain and damage to joints and the spine. ViscoBalance has also proven itself to provide relief for Achilles tendon complaints. It can be worn in walking, sports and work shoes.
• Gentle on your skin
• Non-slip
• Durable

Comes in a pair
Having one leg slightly shorter than the other is more common than many people think. The difference is often impossible to detect with the naked eye. But the body feels it, and this strain on one side can cause a number of undesirable negative consequences in the long term: irritation of the Achilles tendon, incorrect posture, knee, hip and back pain caused by static strain and more. You can prevent all that with a simple trick: the ViscoBalance heel wedge compensates leg length differences of 3, 5 or even 10 millimeters, correcting posture from your head right down to your feet. The soft heel cushion reduces shock loads on the legs and spine. At the same time, the raised heel relaxes your Achilles tendon and can relieve existing pain and irritation.

Only a few heel cushions can withstand daily use over long periods. ViscoBalance is made of high-quality silicone that is gentle on your skin, easy to clean and, thanks to modern production techniques, particularly durable. It can be swapped from one shoe to another. ViscoBalance sits under the heel with every step, without slipping.
• Leg length differences
• Achilles tendon symptoms

Care Instructions
We recommend washing the ViscoBalance cushion with a mild detergent.


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