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Servoclin – Hernia Block Low Cut – Unisex Briefs (#610)

Servoclin – Hernia Block Low Cut – Unisex Briefs (#610)

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Recommended for:

• Inguinal hernias (designed for the use of extra pads) and post-operative treatment.
• Post-operatively to prevent the sagging of abdominal tissues
• Support during sports and heavy work activities.


These briefs offer support by exerting compression on the abdomen to keep the tissues from yielding and/or sagging hence containing reducible inguinal hernias. 

Instead of pressing against the hernia, these briefs provide support to achieve better dynamic results: the support structures in the various models are shaped to run oblique compared to the waistband, which is lower in front and higher on the back. To avoid any excessive elastic forces, the materials used are marked by a cushioned return elastic force and a self-stabilizing action thanks to an exclusive system used in making this fabric. It is made of 100% cotton to provide the utmost hygiene and comfort. Some models have special interior pockets to insert shaped anatomic hernia pads to exert a firmer support action on reducible inguinal hernias. These pads, too, are covered with a soft 100% cotton anatomic, self-shaping material.

These briefs are manufactured in accordance with the primary requirements set under the European Directive 93/42/EEC on medical devices and in accordance with the Italian law (LD 24th February 1997, No. 46) introducing the same EU Directive.

Extra pads- Left and Right included
100% Cotton on the skin
Low cut model
Available in the color light Grey only

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