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M-Brace Vega Plus Patella Stabilier #41

M-Brace Vega Plus Patella Stabilier #41

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Knee brace for both right and left knees that provides optimal support and protection following muscle, joint or tendon injuries in the knee region.
Constructed exclusively from breathable, hypoallergenic fabrics (neoprene-free), the area that comes into contact with the skin is soft, 100% cotton.
An exclusive efficient locking system allows for variable pressure in the this, knee and tibia regions.

Rehabilitation phase: provides passive support during rehabilitation, provides protection during sports.


  • two unique C-shaped pressure pads which help realign and guide the patella (knee cap) movement.   
  • two anatomically precise aluminum hinges, conveniently located within the brace, will assure side-to-side stability.
  • two flexible aluminum rods that can be inserted once the aluminum hinged rods are not required anymore.  This will allow progressive weaning off of the brace during your healing process.

Recommended use for:

  • Knee sprains of moderate severity
  • Knee side-to-side instabilities (MCL, LCL sprains)
  • Patella instabilities, Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome, Chondromalacia Patella, Patella OA, patella subluxation, patella tracking issues, patella fractures, 


Description and Fitting instructions by our physiotherapists.



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About M-Brace Products

M-Brace is an orthopedic brace manufacturer and designer based in Italy. They hold several pending patents, and are known to innovate to the highest degree.

All M-Brace products are Made in Italy, thus ensuring you get the highest quality brace possible.

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