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M-Brace Vega Aligner Knee Stabiliser (#43)

M-Brace Vega Aligner Knee Stabiliser (#43)

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This brace stabilizes the motion of the knee joint, keeping it aligned during flexion (inward) and extension (outward) movements, constructed entirely from breathable materials, anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic fabric to ensure comfort while in use. It also features a patella stabilizer that offers comfortable control of the patellar region (knee cap).

It effectively supports medial or lateral ligaments, anterior or posterior cruciate ligaments and aiding with patellar instability. It includes Two patented, multicentric, adjustable aluminum rods to control flexion and extension quickly and easily. The rods contain bearings to support the condyles, rigid tibial and femoral regions, which controls rotation.

Recommended for:

• Patellar instabilities/ subluxation
• Retropatellar osteoarthritis
• Post-operative and post-traumatic irritations including rehabilitation of: MCL, LCL, PCL, ACL (Sprains, Meniscus injuries, Lateral, Anterior, Medial & Posterior tilt, etc.)
• Post lateral release surgery to limit the extension and flexion of the joint
• Patella and knee instabilities (Patella Dislocation, Patella Subluxation, Patella Alta, Patella stabilization, Patella tendon repairs)
• General knee pain
• Mild Chondromalacia
• Condylar Fractures
• Tibial Plateau Fractures

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About M-Brace Products

M-Brace is an orthopedic brace manufacturer and designer based in Italy. They hold several pending patents, and are known to innovate to the highest degree.

All M-Brace products are Made in Italy, thus ensuring you get the highest quality brace possible.

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