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M-Brace Salto Ankle Stabilizer (#17)

M-Brace Salto Ankle Stabilizer (#17)

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Thanks to the use of an exclusive, hypo-allergenic, and breathable fabric, resulting from careful research and selection of materials, as well as the use of unique construction technology, this innovative ankle stabilizer combines the ease of use of a mass-produced item with the effectiveness of a taping bandage. It is the only ankle brace with a posterior opening, allowing for easy and painless application, that offers constant control of the inversion and eversion degree.  it can easily fit any shoe and can be worn on either foot.  Made in Italy with high-quality materials.

Recommended Use for

  • Moderate to severe ankle sprains

  • Tibialis posterior tendonitis/ tendinopathy

  • Avulsion fractures of the ankle area

  • Rehab phase: passive support for the ankle functional rehab, it controls inversion and eversion movements of the ankle.


    This brace fits the right OR Left foot

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    About M-Brace Products

    M-Brace is an orthopedic brace manufacturer and designer based in Italy. They hold several pending patents, and are known to innovate to the highest degree.

    All M-Brace products are Made in Italy, thus ensuring you get the highest quality brace possible.

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