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M-Brace Knee Wrap Compression Brace (#20)

M-Brace Knee Wrap Compression Brace (#20)

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The Knee Wrap is used for protective support following muscular, articular, or ligamentous injuries to the patellar (knee) region.  manufactured using two different materials; the inside is made of a breathable soft cotton velour to mitigate skin irritation and the outside is special nylon to allow the Velcro to grip and stay fastened.

  • Provides adjustable compression and light support for light knee injuries.

Recommended for:

Knee injuries requiring compression such as knee sprains (MCL/LCL injuries), knee contusion/trauma and knee strains.

One of the best ways to control swelling is with compression

  •  Easily adjustable above and below the patella (knee), depending on the amount of compression needed.
  •  Fully adjustable, two sizes only.
  •  Neoprene-free.





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About M-Brace Products

M-Brace is an orthopedic brace manufacturer and designer based in Italy. They hold several pending patents, and are known to innovate to the highest degree.

All M-Brace products are Made in Italy, thus ensuring you get the highest quality brace possible.

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