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M-Brace Jumpers Knee Compression Brace #45

M-Brace Jumpers Knee Compression Brace #45

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Recommended For:
  • Osgood Schlatter's Disease, patellar tendonitis/ tendinopathy, jumper’s knee.
  •  The issue with this type of knee pain is that there is inflammation at the attachment of the quadriceps tendon on the top of the tibia.  The brace will compress above the point of inflammation so that when the quadriceps will contract it will pull less on the attachment because it will be pulling at the site of compression of the brace.   In other words, the brace diminishes the pull of the muscle on the inflammation site.
  •  Could be used as a preventive measure during sports or in a rehab phase.
  •  Quickly and easily adjustable.
  • Breathable, 100% cotton on your skin

Description edited by Richard Bouzaglou PT MOPPQ, physiotherapist and rehabilitation director

    Description And Fitting Instructions by our Physiotherapists: 


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    M-Brace is an orthopedic brace manufacturer and designer based in Italy. They hold several pending patents, and are known to innovate to the highest degree.

    All M-Brace products are Made in Italy, thus ensuring you get the highest quality brace possible.

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