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JOBST Sport - Knee High -Closed toe

JOBST Sport - Knee High -Closed toe

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If you want to lead a healthy and active lifestyle while effectively managing your venous problems, then JOBST Sport is the perfect fit. These knee-high athletic compression socks not only help to improve blood flow and reduce swelling, but they also especially provide comfort for men and women during exercise.

With JOBST, you don’t need to let your compression regimen get in the way of your favorite sporting activities – whether it’s walking, jogging, golf, tennis, or otherwise. With their combination of graduated compression and special design, these compression socks for exercise provide both the necessary compression level and extended wearing comfort. Benefits of wearing JOBST sport compression socks for exercise
Graduated compression helps improve blood flow and reduce swelling
Soft fabric with a breathable knit provides a high level of comfort for sporting activities
JOBST Moisture Management system for moisture control of the feet
Anatomically cushioned heel and sole support
Activated carbon fibers for effective odor control
Extra flat toe seam for extended wearing comfort. Graduated compression and JOBST advanced comfort technology combined
JOBST Sport is designed, based on medical expertise, to provide the ideal combination of compression and comfort. This way, you receive the support you need to manage your venous condition effectively, but without compromising on wearability while you exercise.. Compression: JOBST Sport compression socks exert a graded circumferential pressure from distal to proximal regions of the leg, which decreases the diameter of venous vessels, improves venous flow velocity, avoids venous stasis, and improves venous return from the leg. This counteracts your venous problems, supporting you during your sporting activities. Comfort: A special blend of yarns is used in JOBST Sport to actively wicks moisture away from the body and through the garment, allowing it to evaporate. Additionally, JOBST Sports garments feature a Support Zone, which provides cushioned support for your heels and soles, and low-profile toe seams to support enhanced comfort when wearing for long periods of time. Patient measurements should be taken by a trained person to determine the correct product size needed and to decide whether a made-to-measure or ready-to-wear garment is required. If the sock has been ordered and does not fit due to improper measuring, the client will be responsible for returning the item at his own expense with a 25% restocking fee. In order to avoid improper measurements, please book a free consultation either by ZOOM or in-person by clicking here

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