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Ankle Brace BOA Thuasne Sport

Ankle Brace BOA Thuasne Sport

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Thuasne Stabilising ankle brace. Fast and easy lacing system ensures excellent ankle support and ease of use.

Football, basketball, running, your ankles are put under severe strain and sometimes suffer injuries. The Thuasne Sports ankle brace can be easily worn inside all type of sports footwear. It is particularly recommended for damaged or weakened joint or when resuming sports following a sprain.

The combined action of the removable side reinforcements and straps improves the stability of the joint in all circumstances. For sportsmen and women seeking comfort and security, the Thuasne Sports ankle brace is the ideal solution.

The combined action of lateral reinforcements and a rigid strap. The use of breathable fabrics ensures comfort. Indications: prevention of sprains, resumption of activity after a sprain.

Articulated lateral reinforcements guarantee excellent support and stability

User comfort:
Boa closure system allows perfect adjustment of the brace to your ankle

Easy dressing:
The closure system allows easy on/off of the brace onto your ankle

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