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Abdominal Binder (#515)

Abdominal Binder (#515)

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Abdominal binders are compression belts that encircle the abdomen. They are commonly used to augment the recovery process after abdominal surgery like exploratory laparotomy, cesarean section, bariatric surgery, hysterectomy, or spinal surgery. Speed recovery not only promotes wound healing but also safeguards against deep vein thrombosis, hypostatic pneumonia, and muscle atrophy according to the latest enhanced recovery after surgery concept. Both elastic and non-elastic binders are available on the market. Abdominal binder helps to reduce postoperative pain, distress, and hemorrhage after a cesarean section. These are also used in patients with spinal cord injury to support the abdomen, maintain intraabdominal pressure, improve respiratory function and improve overall mobility. They decrease postoperative pain, psychological stress, promote postoperative recovery, and prevent abdominal wall dehiscence in open abdominal surgeries. Abdominal binders are safe after midline laparotomy as these minimally affect respiratory mechanics, intraabdominal pressure, and wound healing.


  • Umbilical Hernia
  • Post Pregnancy
  • Abdomen Support
  • Hernia Support
  • Back Support
  • Abdomen Injury
  • Post Surgery Support
  • General Abdomen
  • Containment

Easy to put and adjustable for a comfortable fit. Made with the patient in mind, with super soft natural materials, 45% Cotton, and Special “water wicking” fibers that will always remain dry and comfortable. Made in Italy.

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